Tom Morello Throws Selfie-Taking Fan's Phone After Warning

June 17, 2019

As the debate for smartphones being used at live concerts rages on, guitarist Tom Morello draws a line in the sand for when audiences should be focused on enjoying the moment. That became evident when one overzealous audience member's attempt to snag a selfie with the axeman cost him big time. 

During the end of his tour run with a surprise onstage collaboration with Rise Against at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Tinley Park, IL, Morello invited members of the audience onstage under the promise that they not use their smartphones. Unfortunately for one fan, Morello takes his "no smartphone" policy very seriously.

After attempting to take a selfie with Morello onstage, the guitarist took the fan's phone and tossed it into the crowd.

That is not to say that Morello is against taking pictures with fans. He prefers that during the concert, audiences should be focused on enjoying the moment rather than watching through their phone.

Even other fans echo Morello's no-phone stance: