Tom Morello As A Squirrel, Ghost As KISS, and More Rockers' Halloween Costumes

November 1, 2018

Can you think of a holiday that freely allows over-the-top rock stars to be even more over-the-top than usual other than Halloween? It's probably one of the most beloved holidays of the year and we've collected all of our favorite rockers' costumes.

Tom Morello came dressed as a giant squirrel, Ghost's clergy showed up as KISS, Mike Shinoda arrived as RUN DMC, Maynard James Keenan dressed as Beetlejuice, and more!

This Halloween was NUTS! #AwaitingBullwinkle

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[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY> Cardinal Copia & K..... no wait. Everyone from the Clergy hopes you all had a devilishly good time last night.

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Rare photo of Run DMC signing an autograph for an overzealous fan. #posttraumatictour @outbreakpresents @phoenixlp

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Pre Halloween festivities with the wifey poo--

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What were you guys for Halloween? Also, thank you to everyone for all of the birthday love ❤️--

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Happy Halloween! #daddyissues --#getit??

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Head to to see an exclusive gallery of the Slipneck infestation of the Neck Deep vessel, 31/10/18

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Halloween in Kansas City, MO was (sic)

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Stay magical and have a Happy Halloween!! --------

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The man the legend @billyrymer We have both changed a bit since the end of the band id say. #dillingerescapeplan #halloween

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For #Halloween -- I’m going as a scumbag named Scam Likely ---- He was once fired by a laundry company that serviced women’s prisons bcz he got caught sniffing the dirty bedding -- At his local bar, he offers #freemustacherides to anyone who’ll listen. Only a few have said yes so far but the list includes his grandma’s bingo partner, an albino yoga instructor from Belarus ----‍♂️ and a #CheetoShitler supporter (with blonde hair & spray tan) who demanded he call her Mr. Big Hands -- Scam douses himself with a bottle of Sex Panther cologne hoping to hide his chronic halitosis that reeks of dirty ashtrays boiled with used diapers in a public restroom -- He’s had four teeth removed, his jaw broken by a young law student for “inappropriate touching” -- His next project is to upload some “really slick shit” & maybe someone will say “that dude’s a fucking stud” & he’ll be awarded the Ambassadorship to Acapulco (we’ve tried telling him so just forget it) -- And when he gets bored he begins his ritual of cringe that’s just too gross to print -- So remember the name #ScamLikely ---- It’s gonna be dreadfully delightful -- If you get offended that’s on you. Maybe look in the mirror to see if you’re a creep too -- Otherwise just deal with it. It’s a comedic bit. From now till Halloween ☠️-- #besafe & #bleesedbe ---- -- #Boss --‍♂️#Alpha ----‍♂️ #King -- #OTEP --

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Happy Halloween -- ----love the Mayorgas!-- #halloween #family #portrait #creepy #mayorga #diadelosmuertos #livingdeaddolls #skulls #skeleton

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Party time ---- “A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.”

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Happy Halloween?

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nothing to see here ⚔️⚔️⚔️ thank you @kroq @fondatheatre

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Cause I’m FREEEEEEEEE Free Ballin’!!

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holy water

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Ghouls Night Out in Belgium (photo by Kris De Meester) ‪Life Of Agony + Billy Biohazard + All Hail the Yeti ‘RISE OF THE UNDERGROUND’ TOUR 2018. @minacaputo @alanrobert666 @spiralz88 @joeyzampella @lifeofagonyofficial #minacaputo #joeyz #alanrobert #veronicabellino #lifeofagony #riverrunsred #ugly #soulsearchingsun #brokenvalley #aplacewheretheresnomorepain @napalmrecordsofficial #riseoftheunderground ‬ @billybiohazard @allhailtheyeti @naf_wood @titantours

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Happy (early) birthday @benjaminpaulbruce thanks for letting me get my Halloween fix in before I fly out in the morning. Also, your bathroom is very clean ----

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