Tom Morello Responds To Phone-Throwing Backlash

June 19, 2019

As the debate for the use of smartphones at live concers rages on, Tom Morello found himself in some hot water after video surfaced of him throwing a selfie-seeking fan's phone into the audience after explaining his "no phones onstage" policy.

While some fans support Morello's actions, believing people should focus on being in the moment, others found them to be inappropriate. So the musician took to social media to provide more context into the incident, and why he will defend his actions.

"LOVE having fans onstage, do it every show! If u wanna film instead of rocking out, ur call. But I EXPLICITLY state, 'If you stick a cell phone in my face I will throw it', this likely constitutes ‘fair warning’. It’s not a petting zoo. Also dude got his phone right back unharmed ."

He later fact-checks one user who accused him of destroying the fan's phone, saying, "He got his phone back kid."

Of course, there is this gem from a fan that told Tom, "you can throw my phone into a lake from space if I had a chance to rock out on stage with you."