Tom Morello Opposes Facial Recognition Technology at Concerts

September 11, 2019

As wonderful and exciting technology can be, it can sometimes be hard to grapple with some of the questionable intentions behind them. Ticketmaster has invested in facial recognition technology to associate a concertgoer's image with the ticket they purchased. Although the extra layer of security would appear convenient to some, many artists, including Tom Morello find it problematic.

"I don’t want Big Brother at my shows targeting fans for harassment, deportation, or arrest," Morello wrote on his social media. "That’s why I’m joining this campaign calling on Ticketmaster and others not to use facial recognition at festivals and concerts."

Morello has aligned himself with the campaign, which urges fans and artists to sign a petition to ban the technology at concerts and festivals.

In a statement on the campaign's website, "Ticketmaster — owned by the same company as Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Forest, and more — is investing in facial recognition technology, which puts undocumented fans, fans of color, trans fans, and fans with criminal records at risk of being unjustly detained, harassed, or judged. 24/7 mass surveillance will not keep concerts safe. We can stop this."