Tom Morello and Chuck D Explain Their Band's Philosophy on 'The Daily Show'

August 28, 2018

In the words of Tom Morello, "If you're making music that everybody can agree on, then you're probably making pretty sh**ty music."

While appearing on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Tom Morello and Chuck D of Prophets Of Rage talk about their band's debut album and how they've charged their political viewpoints through their music. "Our mantra is, 'the world won't fix itself'," says Chuck D. "We didn't wish for the world to be in this f'd-up state for us to be a band. We'd have found twelve topics. But we're also telling people in the United States of America, yes, think globally, act locally."

So with all of this rage going on, who has the most rage in their system? "We're also in a band with B-Real, and there is so much secondhand smoke in the studio," says Morello. 

Watch their entire interview below!