Tom DeLonge Explains The Correct Pronunciation of Blink-182

November 19, 2018

From politics to movie spoilers the internet has no shortage in things to debate. The latest originated from The Late Late Show writer Ian Karmel on the correct pronounciation of pop-punk band Blink-182.

In the United States, we pronounce it as "Blink One Eighty-Two." But according to Karmel's Twitter account, he stirred up old rivalries by saying, "The British call Blink-182 'Blink One Eight Two' and I’m not saying that’s WHY they lost the Revolutionary War, but..."

From there, host of The Late Late Show James Corden chimed in by refuting Kramel's claim of England's pronounciation of the band by saying, "I admit we are wrong on this. America calls them Blink One eighty two. Which is also wrong. They technically should be called Blink one hundred and eighty two."

Finally, band co-founder and former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge ended the debate by saying, "It’s actually— Blink eighteen-two. People have all gotten this wrong for years. Sometimes this can happen with very complex, thoughtful and elevated art."