Tom DeLonge Has An Otherworldly Theory Behind The Roswell UFO Crash

November 2, 2017

"What people need to realize is the UFO phenomenon isn't a phenomenon. The universe is f**king gigantic and there's life everywhere!"

In 2016 when Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 annouced that he was leaving the band to pursue the study and research of possible life outside of Earth, many people thought he was just a wacko sci-fi conspiracy theorist. A year later, he was awarded "UFO Researcher of the Year" and announced a legitimate crowdfunding campaign to build a spaceship to study UFOs. Or according to DeLonge and his colleagues, "We call them 'Advanced Aerial Threats.'" So his passion behind his otherwordly endeavours is unwavering.

While appearing as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, DeLonge went into detail about why they are now referring to UFOs as "Advanced Aerial Threats" (AATs), his relationship with his former bandmates, going to the Pentagon, and he even offers his own theory behind the famous Roswell crash of 1947. “What I believe crashed at Roswell… I believe it was German… from Argentina. But it had hallmarks and technology based on alien technology. So, we put out a story saying, ‘It’s alien!’ And then we put out a story saying, ‘It’s a weather balloon!’ But the real thing it was we didn’t want anyone to guess.”

Watch the full interview below!