Tom Brady Is Willing To Give Up Everything To Be GOAT In "Tom VS Time" Episode 1

January 25, 2018

In the first episode of the six-part docu-series "Tom vs Time", Tom Brady gives viewers an in-depth look at the physical, emotional and psychological stress he puts himself through in order to operate at his best. To give you an idea behind his philosophy being the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), one of the first things Brady says in the documentary is, “So if you’re gonna compete against me you better be willing to give up your life. Because I’m giving up mine.”

One of the highlights of the episode is when he reveaels that he still keeps the 4-game suspension letter he received for allegations of deflated balls. "Just a nice way to remember. Thank you." Take THAT Goodell!

Despite turning 40 years old, which is usually seen as a sign to start hanging up the jersey, Brady looks at it from a different angle. Rather than see 40 as a warning sign, he sees it as a milestone for his  18-year performance as a QB. "You gotta block out the noise, because none of that's gonna help you win. What motivates me is 'I coulda, shoulda done better.'"

More episodes of "Tom vs Time" are scheduled to be released online on the following dates:

Episode 2 — Sunday, Jan. 28
Episode 3 — Tuesday, Jan. 30
Episode 4 — Thursday, Feb. 1
Episode 5 — Sunday, Feb. 4
Episode 6 — TB