Tom Brady Searches For Further Purpose In "Tom vs Time" Episode 5

February 6, 2018

Tom Brady knows that his career playing professional football in the NFL is limited to a certain number of years. Now with the feeling that he can probably count the number of years he has left on his hand, the documentary's title of "Tom vs Time" takes on a whole new meaning.

Episode 5 discusses "The Spiritual Game." Not necessarily in the religious sense, but more in regards to one's purpose on this planet. "To live it through sports in a very authentic way makes so much sense to me," Tom says. "Having these dreams and goals and aspirations, and waking up and putting in the work, and miracles happening, and all of this magic that sports creates, I'm in the middle of it."

Another big issue Tom frequently deals with is realizing that a day will come when he will finally retire, and thst is a fate he is not fully ready to embrace. "He did tell me he was only going to play for ten years," says his wife/super model Gisele Bündchen. "When I met him in 2006 he said, 'Listen, I'm just gonna play for ten more years and I'm going to win one Super Bowl, and I'm going to be happy.'" She adds, "Now you won two Super Bowls the end of the tenth year - but he's like 'No. Still got a few more to go.'"

Not only with the thought of retirement taking its toll, so does a lot of the chatter from sports analysts, fans, media figures, and so on. As a public figure, Brady refuses to take the bait whenever someone says something negative about him. "It bothered me a lot more a long time ago. Now, after seventeen years of it, I have healthy boundaries." But in case you are wondering what Brady does in order to ignore the noise, it has reached the level where Brady has to receive a massage in a windowless room in order to avoid the paparazzi.

Check out episode 5 of "Tom vs Time" below!