That Time Some Boston Locals Stole Metallica's Gear Out of Their Van

January 24, 2019

The year was 1984 and Metallica was touring the US in support of their album Ride The Lightning. Unfortunately for them, the new year was not off to a good start.

After they played Boston's Channel Club on January 14th, the band soon discovered that some locals had stolen their gear from their van just outside the venue. None of the band members took the theft harder than Hetfield, who at the time became very reliant on a certain Marshall amplifier that helped him deliver the kind of sound he wanted.

Now In the middle of a tour with no equipment, Metallica were able to borrow some gear from Anthrax to get them through the remainder of their dates.

Decades later, a similar story hit the news about Blistered Earth, a Metallica cover band from Portland, Oregon, had their van and all of their equipment stolen. After Metallica heard about the story, they reached out to Blistered Earth and paid for all of their replacement gear!