That Time T.I. Saved Scott Stapp From Committing Suicide

October 8, 2018

Back in 2012, Scott Stapp of Creed hit a real low note.

He had fallen so low that after going on a drug-fueled bender, the vocalist attempted suicide by leaping from the ledge of his hotel room in Miami, FL. After plummeting 40 feet to another balcony below, Stapp had fractured his skull and broke his hip and nose. He had lost a lot of blood and it seemed that death was imminent. However, it just so happened that rapper T.I. was staying at the exact same hotel on the floor below and discovered Stapp's bloody body. He thereby was able to save Stapp's life.

Two years later, T.I. had managed to help bring a suicidal man down from jumping off the roof of an Atlanta radio station.