Ticketmaster Adapting Facial Recognition In Place Of Concert Tickets

May 8, 2018

Whether it's innovative and convenient, or creepy and something out of Minority Report, Ticketmaster has announced that it will begin testing facial-recognition technology to take the place of traditional tickets.

According to Digital Music News, Ticketmaster's parent company Live Nation announced its partnership with Blink Idenity, which specializes in facial recognition technology that can recognize an individual's face within miliseconds (or in a "blink") after passing by a scanner. By pairing one's ticket with an image of their face, a concertgoer can unlock a door or a turnstile by simply having their faces scanned.

However, this new technology does raise some privacy concerns among customers, especially over the amount of danger surrounding a database that contains the identities of millions of people and what would happen if that database were to be hacked and placed in the wrong hands.