Three Days Grace Documents Their Humanitarian Visit to Kenya

August 19, 2019

Three Days Grace have been touring the world, performing to millions of fans since 2003. But one of the few places they have not visited previously is the African nation of Kenya. As part of World Humanitarian Day, vocalist Matt Walst and drummer Neil Sanderson travelled to Kenya in support of the MTN of Hope campaign to help bring relief efforts to impoverished communities.

Both Walst and Sanderson brought their acoustic guitars to perform some songs for the locals (including the crowd-pleasing "If You're Happy And You Know It"), as well as learn Kenyan music, dance, and culture from the villagers themselves.

The duo also learned of how little upgrades in basic standards of living, like bicycles for schoolchildren and water purification systems, can make an enormous impact on the villages. “When you meet communities of families and children who mostly live off $2 a day, but greet you with the biggest smiles and are so full of hope and resilience, it makes you take stock of your life and how lucky we are to be born in Canada," adds Sanderson. "We were given every resource and freedom to create opportunities at making a career as a band. Now we have an opportunity to use our career to build awareness and invite our fans from all over the world to join us at creating change to people that can use a hand up.”

Check out Walst and Sanderson's visit to Kenya in the short documentary below:

If you would like to learn more and how you can help with Three Days Grace's MTN of Hope initiative, visit the band's website here.