Watch Tenacious D Mix Heavy Metal Discs, Gunpowder and Alcohol with the Foo Fighters

October 22, 2019

Tenacious D have been best buds with the Foo Fighters for a long time. So it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for their friendship to reach a level where they play with heavy metal objects, explosives and alcohol.

While on tour in Columbia, Tenacious D, the Foo Fighters, and Weezer were looking to blow off a little steam. So they decided to engage in the traditional Columbian game known as "Tejo." But how do you play Tejo?

As described by Tenacious D's Jack Black, "You throw heavy metal discs across the room onto a pile of gunpowder. Kablammo! And then you drink a cerveza." In other words, Tejo is like Cornhole, but with explosives. Check out all of the action at the 10:32 mark in the video below!