Tenacious D Encounter A Lethally Sexual Robot From The Future In 'Post-Apocalypto' Episode 4 (NSFW)

October 19, 2018

As Tenacious D continues to wander the post-nuclear wasteland of the not-too-distant future, they encounter a badass robot from the future (with some "intimate" features) who has a message of great importance from... Jack Black's son?

The robot, striving for companionship hopes to join Jack and Kyle on their quest. But will the duo trust him enough to let him tag along? Find out in yet another NSFW episode of Post-Apocalypto!

Post-Apocalypto is also the title of Tenacious D's new album due out on November 2nd, and each new episode of their animated series will feature a new song off the record. Click here to order Post-Apocalypto today!