Tenacious D Puts Their Friendship To The Test Eating Spicy Wings on 'Hot Ones'

October 11, 2018

Tenacious D have been rocking audiences for twenty years. Now Jack Black and Kyle Gass rock their tastebuds to the escalating spicy flavors of chicken wings on Hot Ones on the "First We Feast" YouTube channel to promote their 4th studio album Post-Apocalypto.

Throughout the interview Jack and Kyle discuss all of the food they include on their riders, the hardest they've ever been booed, spark-firing codpieces, getting a shoutout by Kanye West, ulimate '80s metal recommendations and more!

Black and Gass enter the Hot Ones challege fully confident in their eating abilities. Refusing to be "nibblers" Black and Gass charge into their platters of hot wings by consuming the entire thing! It felt like a good idea going into it, but come wing six or seven, that's when they really put their tastebuds (and their friendship) to the test!

Be sure to check out Tenacious D going behind the scenes of their Hot Ones adventure!