Tenacious D Battle Nazis, The KKK and Gorgon Creatures In 'Post-Apocalypto' Episode 5 (NSFW)

October 26, 2018

When we last left our heroes, Jack Black and Kyle Gass meet their new companion, a sexually-lethal terminator from the future send from Jack Black's son to join them on their quest to save the world by traveling to Washington D.C.

Upon reaching the White House, Tenacious D stumble upon an army of Nazis, the KKK and Gorgon creatures to retrieve an ancient artifact that will determine the fate of what's left of humanity. Watch their latest adventure in episode 5 of Post-Apocalypto! (Spoiler Alert: It's also NSFW) 

Post-Apocalypto is also the title of Tenacious D's new album due out on November 2nd, and each new episode of their animated series will feature a new song off the record. Click here to order Post-Apocalypto today!