Teens React To Blink-182 and Grapple with the Meaning of "Angst"

September 3, 2019

Even though Blink-182 first formed in 1992, they still hold tightly onto their fun, youthful, and rebellious sound. So when some of the teenagers from the popular "React" YouTube series sit down and listen to some of the band's biggest hits, we are met with a mixture of opinions based on the band, their songs, their videos, and so on.

Some of the teens appreciated the upbeat tone of some of Blink-182's songs and videos:

"This brings out the youth in me so much!"
"I like their songs a lot. They've got a good beat and they're so catchy."
"This is iconic. The videos, the lyrics, the beat, their presence... it's just iconic."
"I wish I grew up in this era so that, like at parties and stuff you could just rock out to this."
"This just makes me want to go back to school and hate every class again."

While others appeared to be a little confused:

"It's so angstyyyy..."
"This is like, early punk rock."

Check out all of the teens' reactions below: