Survey Says People Stop Discovering New Music Once They Turn 30

June 11, 2018

There are constantly new artists coming out of the woodwork with their own unique style of music collecting fans every day. But according to a recent study, the average person will reach their limit of discovering new music at a certain age.

Conducted by the British streaming service Deezer, the results showed that after surveying 1,000 people, the average age of "musical paralysis" is 30 years and six months. "Musical paralysis" refers to the point in which someone ceases actively discovering new music and prefers to listen to the same artists and songs instead.

Over all age groups, the study revealed that 60% felt that they reached a musical standstill. 26% felt they would be unlikely to try listening to new music outside of their preferred taste.

19% of those in a musical rut felt they were overwhelmed by the huge amount of artists to choose to listen to, 16% had a demanding job preventing them from discovering new music. and 11% were too preoccupied caring for young children.

But, 47% of participants in the study said they would like to be able to have more time discovering new music, and 41% said they will attempt to seek out new artists in the future.

The average person is satisfied with the artists of their musical taste at 24 years and five months. At this age 75% said they would listen to 10 or more new songs a week and 64% said they would find at least five new artists a month.

Women are likely to hit their peak of discovering new artists at 23 years and four months, and men would reach this same stage at 25 years and two months.

Location also played a major role in which an individual would reach "musical paralysis." Scottish residents would stop looking for new artists on average at 40 years and seven months, while those living in Wales would peak at 24 years and eight months. Those living in the North West would peak at 23 years and nine months.