Sully Erna & Gibson Guitars Give Back with 'Guitars For Vets'

November 12, 2019

American guitar manufacturer Gibson has announced its partnership with Guitars For Vets, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping soldiers struggling with PTSD, emotional distress, physical injuries and other ailments through free guitar lessons. Guitars For Vets is run entirely by volunteers, many through the Department of Veterans Affairs facilities and community-based medical centers.

"We have a problem in this country and it's suicide amongst veterans," explains founder Patrick Nettesheim. "When I started Guitars For Vets, it was 18 suicides per day. It's getting worse, but it's my belief we're making progress and we hear this through testimonials all the time, 'this guitar saved my life.'" The organization currently consists of over 400 volunteers, and 110 chapters in 43 states offering guitar lessons. Once a veteran graduates the program, they receive a free acoustic guitar.

On Veterans Day, Gibson and Godsmack frontman Sully Erna presented three U.S. soldiers (Brandon Branham, Peter Nugnis, Henry Thomas) with a custom made Army-green Les Paul electric guitars.