Study Shows That Women Make Up 50% Of New Guitar Players

October 16, 2018

Based on a new study conducted by legendary guitar manufacturer Fender, approximately half of all beginner guitarists in the UK and US are women, making them the largest emerging market for aspiring players.

The study also showed that the demographics for those looking to pick up the instrument has grown even more diverse over the years, with 19% of beginners being African-American and 25% being Hispanic.

The study also revealed that 72% of participants chose to pick up the guitar to either acquire a new skill or to improve their overall well-being. Experts believe that playing an instrument for even five minutes a day can lead to higher self-esteem, self-worth and creative expression. There are also many mental health benefits to playing an instrument, including the release of positive hormones to the brain that can release stress, and the release of oxytocin, which promotes trust and social bonds.