12-Year-Old Student Gets Permission to Skip Class to See Tool Live

September 6, 2019

Starting in October 2019, Tool will embark on their North American tour with Killing Joke in support of their new album Fear Inoculum. For die-hard fans, seeing Tool live is a very big deal. So much that a 12-year-old student from Louisiana has received permission from their band teacher to miss class for this very reason.

In a post to the Tool subreddit, the student's father shared a screenshot of an email his wife received from their son's band teacher, granting him permission to miss class to attend Tool's concert. 

“If there is, TOOL is a GOOD reason to miss it,” the teacher responded. “My only response, take me with you guys!”

“I am super jealous that he will have the opportunity and I will not punish him for missing for TOOL,” the teacher added, before asking, “Do you like their new album?”