Steven Tyler Doesn't Want Aerosmith's Music Played at Political Rallies

August 23, 2018

Steven Tyler caused a bit of uproar when he issued a "cease and desist" letter to President Donald Trump after Aerosmith's "Livin' On The Edge" was being played at his rally at West Virginia's Charleston Civic Center without his permission.

Tyler and his lawyer cited the Lanham Act, which states that trademark infringement can occur if the use of a song by a politician could suggest that the artist endorses them, especially if the alleged endorsement could damange the artist's reputation (aka "dillution by tarnishment.")

Tyler took to his Twitter to state that his "cease and desist" letter was not politically motivated, but for the sake of copyright. "This is not about Dems vs. Repub," Tyler tweeted. "I do not let anyone use my songs without my permission. My music is for causes, not for political campaigns or rallies. Protecting copyright and songwriters is what I've been fighting for even before this current administration took office."

Tyler added, "This is one of the reasons why Joe Perry and I have been pushing the senate to pass the music modernization act. "No" is a complete sentence."