Steel Panther Listen To Marshmello For The First Time With Mixed Results

June 25, 2019

Aside from being the greatest rock band on the planet, Steel Panther's Michael Starr and Satchel are open to listening to other genres of music, which is why they decided to listen to DJ Marshmello for the first time.

After listening to "Happier", both Michael and Satchel have mixed feelings towards the EDM artist. Satchel fell in love with Marshmello immediately, describing his voice (which is actually Bastille singign) as "pure" and Michael's voice as "rough and gravely."

Michael, on the other hand, wasn't too pleased. "I just can't really get into DJ music."

But what did they think of Marshmello's signature mask? "I guess it's cool if you're not good looking," adds Starr.