Billy Corgan Wants to Collaborate with Jerry Cantrell & Kanye West

August 24, 2018

Billy Corgan has been on a roll with the Smashing Pumpkins bringing a (mostly) reunited band across the United States on their "Shiny And Oh So Bright" tour. Audiences have walked away amazed, impressed and blown away by the spectacle leaving them hungry for more, and Corgan has taken to social media to satiate that appetite.

During a Q&A session on his Instagram, Corgan answered questions from previous albums, to politics, to future music and more. But when asked about artists he'd be interested in working on new music with in the future, Corgan listed grunge icon Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains, and hip-hop artist Kanye West.

Corgan was also a guest on a very popular episode of the Joe Rogan Experience where went on to discuss his rough beginnings in music, his drug-dealing father, wrestling, how pop music is basically porn, his viral Disneyland photo, and much more.