That Time Corey Taylor Repeatedly Shouted "Butt Gravy" on Television

August 29, 2019

Mistress Carrie and Slipknot's Corey Taylor happily celebrated their friendship of 20 years by meeting up backstage before Slipknot's concert at the Xfinity Center. But what was it like when they first met 20 years ago? Full of laughter.

The first time Carrie interviewed Slipknot was at Locobazooka in 1999 for Real Rock TV where she spoke with all nine members of the band. "We were like chipmunks, we were kids," says Taylor. But the one thing Carrie remembers most about the interview was how Corey kept shouting "Butt Gravy" in her ear. (Fast forward to the 4-minute mark in the video above)

"I am so surprised that you still talk to me," says Taylor.

Listen to Mistress Carrie's full interview with Corey Taylor in the podcast below: