Fans Believe They've Discovered The Identity of Slipknot's New Member

July 10, 2019

While the identity of of Slipknot's newest member remains a mystery, there are many fans that have been doing a little detective work to try and unmask the percussionist. So far fans have dubbed him "Tortilla Man" based off of his mask's style.


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The latest piece of photographic evidence has appeared on Slipknot's subreddit which shows guitarist Mick Thomson leaving a hotel with who fans believe is the newest member. But the theory that fans have been using to link the individual to be the band's newest member is simply based off of his footwear.

The alleged "Tortilla Man" is seen wearing the same shoes leaving the hotel as he is onstage. 

While the mystery still rages on, Slipknot has been playing along by trolling eagle-eyed fans trying to unmask the percussionist.