Slipknot Fan Shares Powerful Attachment To Corey Taylor's New Mask

June 13, 2019

In May 2019, Slipknot took over the internet with the release of their new song "Unsainted" along with their new collection of masks. Of course the one that drew the most attention belonged to frontman Corey Taylor.

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Some fans love it. Some fans hate it. But on the Slipknot Subreddit, one maggot discovered the hidden meaning behind the mask through an emotionally powerful experience they endured as a child.

"Corey's mask is a REALLY close comparason to a mask i had to wear for almost 2 years called a TFO, a transparent facial orthosis."

The fan goes on to describe how they suffered third-degree burns to their head, face, body, and arms they received after surviving a house fire when they were five-years-old, and how they underwent multiple skin grafts. "When you suffer massive burns to the face, you might be fitted with a transparent facial mask that is ment to compress the graft to prevent swelling and minimize scar tissue." 

The fan later describes the discomfort of the mask, the amount of bullying they endured, and the feelings of being labeled an outcast were all in part to making them a stronger individual.

"Coreys mask may not be what some wanted, but to me its a massive image of character change and reformation. the breaking of a person and the steps required to be better. It's not scary but that mask, my mask, made me into a stronger self-soverign, bulletproof person than what I may have turned out to be before I had to put it on."

Corey Taylor responded to the fan's emotional testimony, "Wow. I’m humbled by that story, and so glad that it could explain something I was trying to describe. This album is indeed about rising above the pain and being reborn. And the mask is also a reflection of it all."