Slash Describes Reconnecting With Axl Rose After Nineteen Years As "Cathartic"

January 2, 2018

In the final episode of Nikki Sixx's syndicated radio show "Sixx Sense," he invited longtime friend/Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash to be his last guest.

The rockers look back on the days of the when they first met in high school during the 1970's Los Angeles rock scene, 

But one of the biggest gems of the interview was when Slash described reconnecting with Axl Rose as "cathartic." "There was always that thing, and I won't get into all the personal stuff, but even over that period of time, there was a lot of bad feelings from the breakup all throughout that 20 years, whatever it was," said Slash. "But there's also a part of you that's like in a marriage, where you love somebody and… so there's always that feeling, but then there's all this negative stuff." 

Slash went on to describe the first conversation he had with Axl after nineteen years apart. "It was on the phone, and then we got together when I got back into town. 'Cause I was on the road — I was in Peru; I remember it specifically," he said. "It was very cathartic to physically talk. 'Cause there's a bond that you have that's never [broken]. And then what happens is the bond makes the negative side of it that much worse, because you're forced out of it."

Watch the full interview below!