Skillet's "Legendary" Becomes the Main Theme for WWE RAW

October 8, 2019

Rock and the WWE go so well together like peanut butter and jelly, Tango and Cash, and bearded bros and craft breweries. It is frequently heard throughout WWE's live events, broadcasts, video games, entrance themes, and so much more, and Skillet is happy to announce that their new single "Legendary" is the main theme to WWE RAW which airs every Monday at 8pm EST on the USA Network.

"Don’t forget to watch our song "Legendary" on WWE tonight!!" Skillet wrote on their social media. "So pumped to have our song be the theme song on RAW this season!!"

Don’t forget to watch our song #legendary on @wwe tonight!! So pumped to have our song be the theme song on #raw this season!! #skillet #wrestling #wwe #wweraw #rockmusic -- = @pauljendrasiak

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During their in-studio interview with Mistress Carrie, frontman John Cooper spoke of the band's partnership with the WWE. "We owe the WWE a lot, because they were also the first people to ever support our song 'Monster' years ago," says Cooper. "They were the very first people that were like 'We love this song and we want to play it', and because of their support is what pushed it to radio."

"The fact that we are still around is very in part due to support from WWE!"

Check out some exclusive live footage of Skillet performing "Legendary" for WWE below:

Check out Mistress Carrie's full interview with Skillet in the podcast below!