Shinedown Shines A Light On Depression & Mental Health In New "Get Up" Music Video

August 8, 2018

With Shinedown's sixth studio album, Attention Attention making waves across radio and online streams, frontman Brent Smith has revealed that the lyrical content is some of their heaviest and most vulnerable songs they have ever written. 

By taking listeners on a lyrical journey, each song is connected to the next by starting from the deepest, darkest parts of their hearts, and then pull them through all kinds of hell to confront their inner-demons, only to bring them into a place full of hope and promise in the end.

But one of the most standout songs on Attention Attention is the upbeat and inspiring track, "Get Up." According to Smith, he wrote the song about the band's bass player and producer of Attention Attention, Eric Bass, who battles clinical depression every day. So Smith hopes that listeners will take the lyrics into themselves and reinterpret them in a manner that will serve a positive purpose.