Sharon Osbourne Once Proposed a Three-Way with "Friends" Star Matt LeBlanc

March 29, 2019

One of the best things we learn from talk shows are all of the nutty stories celebrities get themselves into, especially with other celebrities. During his appearance on CONANFriends star Matt LeBlanc looked back on a time when expressing his love for Ozzy Osbourne took an unexpected turn.

"I run into Sharon Osbourne, and I say, 'My God, I'm such a big fan of your husband's. He is so awesome,'" says LeBlanc. "And this is what she says to me, with a completely straight face — immediately she goes, 'Oh, that's great! Maybe after this, you'll come back to the house and we'll have a threesome.'" Hoping that Sharon was kidding, O'Brien chimed in and said, "I will tell you, she was not."

After LeBlanc's story surfaced, Sharon provided some additional context on her show The Talk,  "I was ish-ish kidding. If he'd of gone for it, I'd've called my husband and said, 'Listen...,'" said Sharon. "I would have loved to have filmed it." She then ended the story by extending the offer to another celeb. "Maybe we can do Conan too. I don't see why not."