Sharon Osbourne Explains Their Lawsuit Against AEG On 'Larry King NOW'

April 11, 2018

While appearing on Larry King NOW, Sharon Osbourne briefly went into detail the reasons behind their lawsuit against AEG for attempting to force Ozzy to play certain venues he doesn't want to play.

The venue in question is the Staples Center (which is run by AEG) in Los Angeles, CA, where many sporting events and concerts have taken place there before."It's not for Ozzy," says Sharon. "He doesn't like the building. He doesn't feel comfortable in that building. He's performed there but he... it's not for him. It's not a rock n' roll building."

However, Sharon and Ozzy are very intent on performing at the O2 Arena in London, England because it holds 20,000 and is the most ideal location to hold a concert. But because the O2 Arena is also run by AEG, the company says that both arenas are a package deal mainly due to the fact that they are in competition with Live Nation, which also runs venues Ozzy is fond of. 

So why are Ozzy and Sharon suing AEG? "I honestly feel that Ozzy has been doing it for 50 years, and I think that they owe it to Ozzy, who's worked for them many times. Many, many times. They should say 'Go in the building if you want.'"  

Sharon also shared some facts about herself like who her childhood celebrity crush was, strange fan encounters, her and Ozzy's anti-social home life, and a bitter spat she had with actor Ashton Kutcher while on set of The Talk.