Brian "Head" Welch Shows What Real Addiction Looks Like In 'Loud Crazy Love' Trailer

December 4, 2018

Brian "Head" Welch has had a long and bumpy road trying to balance life as a rockstar and life as a family man, all while struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Now all of that comes to the forefront in the upcoming Showtime documentary Loud Krazy Love.

When Korn first broke into the mainstream in the late '90s, they were on top of the world. They were selling out stadiums, collecting award after award, platinum record after platinum record, and making tons of fans and money. But after being consumed by the band's vice-filled lifestyle became too much for him, Welch quit Korn in 2005 to turn his attention on raising his daughter, Jenna. “I was just scared that I was gonna screw up the kid like I was screwing up myself,” he says, adding, “I couldn’t stop being bad to my body. I couldn’t stop these addictions. I had become an animal.”

After his transformation from nu-metal monster to born-again Christian and devoted father, the documentary shines a light on both Welch's efforts to repair his relationship with his daughter, but also with his bandmates while continuing to combat all of the self-desctructive behavior that followed.

Loud Krazy Love will premiere on Showtime Friday, December 14th at 10pm EST.