Seattle Police Department Release Photos Of Kurt Cobain's Suicide Shotgun

March 18, 2016

22 years ago on April 5th, 1994, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain died of a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head, which the King County Medical Examiner's Office ruled as a suicide. Now the Seattle Police department have released photographs of the singer's shotgun with Det. Michael Ciesynski, who is the current detective of record of the case.

According to CBS News, they filed a public records act request to show the weapon, which has never before been seen by the general public. Photos of the shotgun would also prove to dispel any rumors help by conspiracy theorists alleging that the weapon was melted down and disposed of in order to cover up the crime.

Since Cobain's death, the Seattle Police Department has released more than 100 pages of police reports and photos to the public regarding the case. But these photos are the first to reveal the entire shotgun, which has only been partially seen in crime scene photographs.

In 2014, Ciesynski learned that there were three rolls of film from the crime scene that had gone undeveloped, which he had processed while fearing that the film could be damaged and evidence lost if it wasn't. The Seattle Police Department released Ciesynski's report to the public after recovering additional evidence stating, "The investigation of the death of Kurt Cobain, which was conducted 20 years ago, reached the correct conclusion that the manner of death was (suicide)."


(source: Loudwire)