Court Decides $4,000 To Be Granted To Scott Weiland's Children Every Month

July 12, 2018

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel Juarez has ruled that the children of late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland's first marriage will receive a $4,000 monthly allowance from his estate.

The petition was filed by Weiland's first wife Mary Weiland to benefit their children, aged 17 and 15, and will stay in effect until they both turn 18, become legally "emancipated", death, or if the estate is terminated.

Weiland, who died in December 2015, has his estate valued at approximately $1.6 million with an annual income of $265,000 stemming from royalties. The estate is also $625,000 in debt to City National Bank and is in negotiations for $700,000 from a "significant federal creditor", according to the court papers by Mary Weiland.