Scott Stapp Gives Advice To Those Seeking Treatment For Mental Health

August 5, 2019

A few years ago, Scott Stapp had a very public breakdown that resulted in him being the punchline to every joke when all he needed was a helping hand. But after seeking treatment and support from his wife, Jaclyn, Scott was able to get both his personal and professional lives back on track.

During an interview with Mistress Carrie at the historic Wilbur Theater in Boston, Scott was asked to give advice to those who may be suffering from the same demons he once did, and what they can do to lift themselves of those burdens. "The first thing is you have to be willing to seek help," says Stapp, "and you can't do it on your own. You can't suffer in silence and white-knuckle it, and get through it on your own. You've got to seek help."

Scott later adds that although the road can be difficult, it is important to never give on yourself. "The first four or five times I did that, it didn't work. But I didn't quit. I kept trying, and when I would fall I would get back up."

"Don't get discouraged by setbacks. Don't get discouraged when you fail, that's part of the process." Speaking from his own personal experience, Stapp remains confident that anyone can get better as long as they are willing to commit to it. "Don't give up because eventually you will find something that works for you, and you'll get your life back."

Listen to Mistress Carrie's full interview with Scott Stapp in the podcast below: