Robert Plant Once Turned Down A Cameo Role On "Game Of Thrones"

June 20, 2018

HBO's Game of Thrones is filled with royalty out to knock each other off as they fight to sit at the Iron Throne. But there was almost a possibility that some rock royalty would have made a cameo appearance.

In an interview on The Strombo Show, Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant admits he once turned down a role on the show, with the reason being. "I don't want to be typecast." Watch it at the 16:30 mark in the video below.

Robert Plant's presence on Game of Thrones would also make some Led Zeppelin fans a little upset, since the band has been very avid Lord on the Rings fans with songs like "Ramble On" and "The Battle of Evermore" mentioning Mordor, Gollum, the Evil One, Ringwraiths, and more.

Game of Thrones has had a history of including musicians in small roles. Like Wilko Johnson of Dr. Feelgood as the royal executioner Ilyn Payne, Will Champion of Coldplay as a musician at the Red Wedding, and Ed Sheeran as a smooth-singing soldier.