Rob Zombie Started White Zombie By Making Lots of Mistakes

September 17, 2019

Rob Zombie isn't the kind of guy that learns a skill by taking a class. He prefers being more hands-on and making mistakes in order to understand how something works and how something doesn't work.

During his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Zombie reveals that his first band, White Zombie, was founded on everyone not really knowing what they were doing. "Nobody really knew how to play when we started. We sort of invented sound based upon completely not knowing what you're doing."

Inspired by the unorthodox song structure of The Ramones, Zombie was motivated to make music on his own terms. "I had this wild idea of 'Let's never play conventional drums beats,' which is like saying, 'Let's never make this song fun for anyone to listen to.'"

Although White Zombie eventually landed a record deal with Geffen Records, nobody was more surprised by the band's success than Rob Zombie himself. "It never seemed like it was going to. White Zombie seemed like the band that everyone hated and no matter what we had to be literally that last band in New York City to get a record deal. We are litearlly out of bands!"

This comes on the heels of an unknown band turning down two record deals from RCA Records and MCA Records. "How did you have those kinds of balls?" asks Rogan. To which Zombie replies, "I think it's balls mixed with stupidity."

Check out Rob Zombie's full episode on The Joe Rogan Experience below: