Rob Zombie Believes No Film Is Off-Limits for a Remake

September 20, 2019

It is often said in discussion that Hollywood has no more original ideas and everything coming out now are cash-grabbing remakes oversaturated with CGI. That may be true, but in an interview with rocker/director Rob Zombie, there is no film that is excempt from being remade.

Rob and his wife Sheri Moon Zombie spoke with Muse TV at the premiere of his new film 3 From Hell about whether or not some films are off-limits from getting the remake treatment. "No. Because I don't like thinking like that. Because if I thought like that, I'd go, well, they would have never made Dracula with Lugosi, 'cause they would have stopped at Nosferatu. Then they would have never made Dracula with Christopher Lee."

"I used to think more like that," says Zombie. "But then I thought, like, 'F**k it!' If you do it for the wrong reasons, yeah, it'll be awful. But if you really do it for the right reasons, anything can work."

Check out Rob Zombie's full interview below: