Rob Halford Considers Possibility of a Judas Priest Biopic

June 17, 2019

Much like the endless list of superhero movies, there has been a growing collection rock biopics in recent years. With films like Bohemian Rhapsody, The Dirt, and Rocketman, many audiences are wondering which band will be the next to receive the biopic treatment.

In an interview with CBS San Francisco, frontman Rob Halford shared his thoughts on the possibility of Judas Priest having their own biopic, considering that they have been building a story 50 years in the making.

Although the band has appeared in several documentaries, Halford admits that there is still much to their story that has not been told. He says that a Judas Priest biopic would require a very strong storyline in order to keep audiences interested, or else it would come off as one big tabloid.

Not to mention how the band members try to keep their personal lives private. But Halford is confident that Judas Priest has been able to tell their story for the last five decades through their music, including where they came from, and where their place is in the history of rock and heavy metal. So there would be a lot to pick from in order to make a solid biopic.

The possibility of an official Judas Priest documentary is also on the table as well.