Red Sun Rising Crushed Their Live WAAF Debut

November 13, 2018

There has been a whole lot of 'new' stuff happening at WAAF lately. We've moved into a new studio. We've relocated to a new office. And we've got Red Sun Rising in here to play a few songs off their new album Thread, and they absolutely crushed it.

The guys from Red Sun Rising (Mike, Ryan, Dave, Ricky and Pat) had just played at Sonia in Cambridge the night before, so they were nice enough to come in on their day off to hang out and break in a few songs as the first band to play at our new office during Mistress Carrie's show at noon. And based off of feedback from listeners, they really set the bar!

Red Sun Rising had also become the first band to start a new tradition here at WAAF where visiting artists come in and autograph a guitar to be put on full display!