Radiohead's Thom Yorke Called A Crowd Surfing Fan A "Dickhead" For An Entire Show

August 24, 2018

When you go to a live concert, crowd-surfing can be a lot of fun. But depending on the artist, crowd surfing may not be the the most appropriate thing to do. But that didn't stop actor Zach Cregger (The Whitest Kids You Know, Wrecked, About A Boy). 

While appearing on CONAN, Cregger recalled a time when he royally embarassed himself in front of his idol, Thom Yorke, when all he was trying to do was have a good time at a Radiohead show. "I have this great idea that I should crowd surf here. It's not a hard, big, loud song. I just think 'this'll work somehow.'"

Unfortunately, nobody else at the Radiohead concert were ready for this. "I knock these people in the back of the head. I take out these four people onto the ground... people are upset."

That's when Cregger's foolishness set Thom Yorke off. "Thom Yorke, my hero, is staring at me and goes 'Dickhead! No more crowd surfing!" Mortified that he is being scolded by his idol, Cregger was shocked when Yorke's rant on him lasted the entire night. "People who crowd surf are dickheads! You are a dickhead!"

Watch Cregger's hilarious story below!