Preview Metallica's ABC Book with "K" Is For Kirk Hammett

October 31, 2019

Growing up, we learned our ABC's by naming different kinds of animals. "A" is for Alligator. "B" is for Bear. "C" is for Capybara.

But now there is an alternative way to teach the next generation of rockers their letters, and that's with The ABC's of Metallica. According to the book's description, "The ABCs of Metallica looks back at the history of the band from, duh, A to Z! Each letter of the alphabet highlights a moment along the band's journey from Garage Days to Master of Puppets to fun facts about the guys."

As an additional preview, the band posted a video of the letter "K", which stands for Kirk Hammet as read by the man himself!

"K is for Kirk 
who shreds on lead guitar
Lightning fast with mind-bending solos
He sometimes uses a wammy bar

Kirk loves catching massive waves
Although he never boasts
He's also thrilled by scary stuff
Like vampires, zombies and ghosts

He started in a band called Exodus
before joining Lars and James
in their little band named 'Metallica.' 
The world of music was never the same."

“K is for Kirk”... as read by the man himself! Pre-order your copy of “The ABCs of Metallica,” the perfect gift for fans of all ages, at and in the UK/EU Metallica Shop!

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