Police Called on Band For Hanging Out in Van in Walmart Parking Lot

August 13, 2019

In the year 2019 the stigma against rockers and metal heads for being delinquents to society remains. Because in a Walmart parking lot in Chicago, police were called on the death metal band Torn The F**k Apart because someone found them as some suspicious individuals hanging out in their van.

According to MetalSucks, TTFA were nearing the end of their tour with Atoll and Mortal Torment and they decided to pull in to the Walmart parking lot to stretch their legs. When their drummer went inside to purchase a few things. Fifteen minutes later, their van was surrounded by squad cars.

The local police say that they received multiple calls of some suspicious characters hanging out in a dark van. Further investigation proved otherwise and the band said the police officers were very respectful. But they still siezed the moment by taking a few pictures of them being arrested and even playing along with their drummer when he returned that they all had warrants out for them.