Bret Michaels Spoke at California's State House in Support of Diabetes Education Bill

April 11, 2019

Poison frontman Bret Michaels recently testified before the California State Capital building in support of a bill that would improve diabetes education in schools. Seeking to inform schools with children in grades K-12 about type 1 diabetes, the California Senate Education Committee unanimously passed the bill.

During his testimony, Michaels emphasized the importance of education on diabetes based on his own personal experience after being diagnosed at the age of six. "As a diabetic, your blood sugar level can rise extremely high. Mine got up to almost 800, which was putting me into a ketoacidosis level. Because of the uneducation on it, my family, as much as they loved me, thought I had the flu or [was] dehydrated."

Michaels went on to say that if not treated properly, type 1 diabetes can become very deadly. "When I got the hospital, I spent almost a month in the hospital once they diagnosed and were able to start to correct the high blood sugar level. It is a very, very deadly disease if left undiagnosed."