That Time Eddie Vedder Bought Pop Evil Pizza

January 31, 2019

Pop Evil vocalist Leigh Kakaty is a massive Pearl Jam fan. So when he was invited to meet Eddie Vedder at his house, he was over the moon with excitement!

But aside from memories, does Leigh Kakaty have any sourvenirs as proof? You bet he does!

"He's got this big wicker basket full of [guitar] picks," says Kakaty. One would assume that they would be available to take no questions asked like a bowl of candy on Halloween. But Leigh, in the home of his idol, politely asked "Eddie, can I have a pick? He's like 'Take what you want.'"

But the highlight of the evening came around 4AM and Leigh is so amped up on excitement and joy that it hurts. Starving, Leigh walks into Vedder's guest house and sees boxes of pizza. Having not eaten all day Leigh wanted to grab a slice, but didn't want to come off as too comfortable as a guest in Eddie's house. So he refrained.

But as they were leaving, Vedder chased after them to reinvite them back inside for pizza. That's when Pop Evil bassist Matt DiRito turns to Leigh and says, "Eddie Vedder buys you pizza, you eat that pizza!" 

Be sure to listen to Mistress Carrie's full interview with Leigh in the podcast below!