Pearl Jam Pays Tribute To Chris Cornell In Their First Show Since His Death

March 14, 2018

There would be no Pearl Jam without Temple of the Dog. And there would be no Temple of the Dog without Chris Cornell.

Vedder would hold Cornell with high regard, because it was he who helped integrate Vedder into the Seattle grunge scene of the '90s after hailing from San Diego. After working together in their joint effort Temple of the Dog, Vedder, McCready, Ament and Gossard began the rock collossus Pearl Jam. 

While the band was on hiatus, Vedder would from time to time honor the late Cornell during his solo acoustic shows, but it was often noticed that he could never bring himself to say Chris's name.

It wasn't until Pearl Jam's first show of their tour in Chile where Vedder says to the audience, "This is for Chris," before entering their melacholy 2006 song "Come Back." 

Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron was also the drummer for Soundgarden, so the loss of Chris was especially hard on him. So in his own personal tribute, he wore a t-shirt with Cornell's portrait printed on the back.

First night of the tour in Santiago, sporting the Chris shirt!

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