Paul Stanley Says People Should Listen to Music from Different Genres

November 8, 2019

On the final night of "KISS Kruise IX", KISS frontman Paul Stanley held a special late-night Q&A session with some of the kids onboard while dressed head-to-toe in a KISS onesie.

During the session, Paul fielded questions ranging from how he felt following the death of former member Eric Carr, makeup tips, and what he does backstage to warm up. But after one young fan asked what kind of music he likes to listen to, Stanley listed his favorites like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, while expressing interest in current  artists like Post Malone and Ariana Grande.

"It's real easy for people to get stuck in one kind of music," says Stanley. "That's kind of like eating one kind of food. If you really listen to music, you should know that there's only two kinds: there's good music and there's bad music."

"When I was growing up I was lucky, because when I would go to concerts you would  have three bands play. And the bands were nothing like  each other. You wouldn't go to a bill where you would see a heavy metal band, and another heavy metal band, and another heavy metal band. You'd see three very different types of music. I think that was much better because it kind of opened people's ears and eyes to what's out there besides what they're used to. You should be able to listen to something and say, 'It's not my kind of music, but it's good.'"

Watch Paul Stanley's full Q&A session below: