Papa Roach Honors A Loyal Fan in Emotional "Come Around" Video

September 12, 2019

Normally when a band releases a music video, it usually centers around them. But in the case of Papa Roach's video for "Come Around", the video stars one of their most passionate fans, Mark Moreno.

Mark has been a massive Papa Roach fans since he was a kid when he saw them on television in 2000, and the band's music has helped him get through some very difficult phases of his life, including the loss of his sister Elizabeth Santana Mercado, who passed away from colon cancer in 2016. "She was my control switch," Moreno says in the video. "She could change my mood real quickly," 

“This music gives me a connection to something bigger than myself," frontman Jacoby Shaddix says in the video's intro. "This music connects me with people. This music gives me purpose.”

By the end of the video, the band shows their love and admiration for Mark by presenting him with a Platinum record in honor of his late sister, and lifetime passes that will admit him into every Papa Roach concert for free.